UV Sterilizer Box


HSS BOX: 100% SAFE, Kills Microbes & Environment friendly.

It uses UV-C Radiation (253.7nm) for sterilization which has the peak germicidal wavelength in killing micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, protozoa, etc. Our HSS Box sterilizes the entire surface in 360 Degree wherever placed.


Provides effective disinfection of multiple objects like masks, laptops, phones, books, currency and coins, gloves, groceries, milk packets, bottles, baby clothes, toys, stationaries, vegetables and fruits, watch, jewelry, and much more within few seconds.

Two Model Available HSS Box 450 and HSS Box 600.

UVC Surface Sterilizer Box


• How to Operate?

Switch the ON/OFF Switch to the “ON” Mode. Pull the door completely, keep the object inside the tray and close it. Allow the object to be sterilized for a maximum 5 seconds.

• Can I Open the door when switched ON?

Yes, the UV light will be ON when the tray is pulled OUT but it won’t harm us, as the UV rays are not coming in Direct Human Contact.

• How safe is the UV Box for Electronics and Medicinal Products?

Yes, It is safe as the UV Rays does not heat the objects, it only destroys the microorganisms.