UV Wand Sterilizer

UV Wand Sterilizer utilizes UV-C light technology to kill virus and microbes on surfaces at the home, office or while travelling.

Virus Free and Eco-friendly Environment:

Simply turn it ON and swipe the UV wand sterilizer and use it anywhere on surfaces such keyboard, sofa, pillows, toys, furniture, kitchen, steering wheel, headrest, doorknobs and much more. Quick, Easy & Hassle-Free Sterilization without the use of chemical and Irritants!

Fast and Effective: Simply remove debris if any from the surface and slowly wave the UV wand sterilizer over a period of seconds on the required surface to sterilize the area. Simple one-touch operation & its compact size makes the UV Wand Sterilizer a Perfect Cleansing Mate.

UV Wand Sterilizer

• What is the benefit of using UV Wand over other UV surface sterilizers?
Wand is light weighted and portable and can emit UV Rays on all surface and areas where the other surface sterilizers can’t reach. eg. Key board, car steering, door knobs, drawer etc.
• Is UV Wand a reliable source of sterilization?
Yes wand is quite reliable source of sterilization. It uses Ultraviolet germicidal radiation which can kill or inactivate virus, bacteria, germs, moulds protozoa and all such microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions.
• How long should we hold the UV Wand on a surface to sterilize it effectively?
UV wand sterilizes all the areas wherever the UV rays are emitted. Ensure you clean the debris, greasy surface, dust and all such things which can block the UV Rays to fall on surface. If the surface is clear, UV wand will take 2-3 seconds to sterilize it effectively.

CAUTION: Do Not Use The Wand Directly On Skin, Pets Or Plants. Do Not Look Directly at a ‘Lit’ UV Lamp with naked eyes.