UV Room Sterilizer


It is the most efficient and time saving tool to sterilize the room from all contagious and harmful micro-organisms like bacteria, virus, fungus, spores, moulds, allergen, protozoa etc by efficiently disinfecting the surface wherever the UV-C Light falls.

Uses and Benefits:

UV Room Sterilizer can be used in Hospitals, Office spaces, Hospitality centers, Daycare centers, Public Transports like Airplanes, Railways, Buses, and many more such places where there are possibilities of contamination by various microbes.
UV-C sterilization is considered as Efficient and Eco-friendly as it is non-toxic, non-polluting, and contains no harmful chemicals or Odours.

The sterilizer unit is mobile and therefore can be moved to any corner of the room to guarantee sterilization covering the entire area and all the objects placed in the room. It is operated with a remote which has a time delay circuit for safety purpose.

How to Use :

To get the maximum effect, it is best recommended to place the unit in the center of the room. Power “ON” the Unit. Using the remote switch “ON” the Room Sterilizer. It rings out an audible warning alarm sound after 3 seconds, post which the UV Lamp will be turned “ON” for 3 minutes and then automatically go “OFF”. The entire surface area is completely sterilized.

CAUTION: UV light can be harmful to eyes and skin, hence it is recommended to Never Look directly or Go near a ‘Lit’ UV Lamp.

A set of UV Room Sterilizer with 1, 2, 4 lamps