SS Micron Filter Housing & Cartridges

Micron Filters are required in the pre-treatment process of water sterilization depending on the source of water and the industry environment.

  • Micron Filters are used in the pre-UV sterilization stage of the water treatment, essentially helping in the removal of physical impurities and suspended particles ranging from sizes of 5 µ and above.
  • For UV technology to be effective, it is necessary that the water passed over the Quartz sleeve is clear of sediments and other particles that affect its transparency.
  • We manufacture SS Micron Filter Housing made with 316 Stainless Steel and supply different types of PP Micron Filter Housing made of high-quality Polypropylene.
  • Also, we manufacture SS cartridge which has a long life, is washable, and reusable. It is available in different diameters and lengths.
  • The types of cartridges we give are Spun, wound, pleated, carbon, ceramic, etc.

SS Cartridges are comparatively better than spun cartridges as it is reusable, it can be easily washed & cleaned using an air compressor. Cartridges are available in different lengths & diameters to suit the needs of different units in different industries. We provide Spun Cartridge, Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge, Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge, Liquid Filter bags, etc.

SS Micron Filter Housing and Cartridges

SS Micron Filter Housing and Cartridges

It is ideal to place Micron filters in the order beginning with bigger microns to smaller, this gives better results. Depending completely on the source of the water, these cartridges need to be replaced quite often. For example, if the source is well water or municipal water it makes a huge difference. The particles clog the cartridges after some days or months depending on the quantity of the impurity and you will notice a reduction in the flow rate of water. Replacement of the cartridges at the right time is critical in the UV water treatment process.