UV Surface Sterilizer

Bacteria are found throughout the environment but they concentrate where a food source is available so it is common for raw food to get contaminated. Foods contaminated with pathogenic microorganisms usually do not look bad, taste bad, or smell bad. It is impossible to understand if the food is contaminated with pathogenic microorganisms without microbiological testing. Microbial growth is highest on foods like meat, poultry, fish & dairy products. Foods that are to be processed & packed are at a very high risk of being infected by bacteria especially in ideal conditions of warm temperature & presence of moisture. Packaging of food is a long process and thus providing ample time for bacteria to multiply grow.

UV Surface Sterilizer

Among the physical methods of food preservation, ultraviolet radiation has been considered as an alternative to thermal treatment for controlling microbial growth. Fresh food products like vegetables can be processed using UV light as a germicidal medium to reduce the food-borne microbial load. Especially, when it comes to spices that need to be kept dry, UV technology is the only way to disinfect it and improve shelf life. UV-C light eliminates viruses, bacteria, moulds and odour on surfaces, by penetrating their membranes, attacking their DNA, preventing them from replicating. On surfaces such as conveyor belts, particularly in the meat and meat processing industries, UV light is used to provide continuous decontamination to the food as it passes through various processes. For environmentally friendly and chlorine-free products, the use of UV-C technology has increased. The Process is fast, simple and produces no heat or residues, and has no impact on the appearance or taste of food.

  • Surface purifiers/disinfectants are critical in the maintenance of purity & quality of the environment in which food is produced, processed & packed
  • Every single object that comes in contact with the contents of the food/beverages/drugs has to be 100% pure
  • Surface UV disinfectants take care of the purity of conveyors, slicing machines, blades, boxes, trays, caps, wrapping foils, lids, etc. to avoid contamination of foodstuff
  • Bakeries, cold stores, dairies, packaging, and transportation can maintain food safety & standard rules by using UV Ultraviolet Surface Sterilizer
  • Surface purifiers are also used for shoe racks, uniform cabinets (hospitals, food industries, laboratories), patients’ beds, clothes, etc.


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